Thursday, June 7, 2012

And we're back!

I know, its been almost a year since we have posted anything on our blog. I'm sure some followers have already given up! But we are back. And back with a bang, might I add! We have some big news to share.

Rich and I are going to have a baby! 

It has been so much fun being able to tell family and friends finally. We were so excited that things worked out so we could tell both of our families in person and not have to do it over the phone or skype. The baby is due November 21, so it will also be a good time to have a baby, so that over the Christmas holiday we will hopefully be able to see much of our family and friends that we don't always get to see and show off our new addition!

Rich and I are beyond excited and have been waiting for this day in our lives for a long time! We will continue posting about the baby's progress, our summer plans (which by looking at our calendar, June seems to be pretty busy!), and all of our other events going on in Sioux Falls! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tigers Games

On the weekend of July 23 and 24, Rich and I got to take in 2 Tigers/Twins games. We went up on Saturday with Alissa and Aric, and Andrea and Eric and had a really fun sibling day at Target Field. On Sunday we rode charter busses with my family's church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church from Wells to Target Field. We had a great weekend watching the Tigers.

Of course a picture of my favorite Tiger, 1st baseman, Miguel Cabrera

A picture of my favorite tigers fan and myself on Sunday our 2nd day at the games

Tigers dugout

Rich and I on Saturday

Some great seats, section 126 row 5.

Bleacher seats for Sundays game behind first base! GREAT SEATS!! My family (minus my mom who is taking the picture)

Of course we needed a family picture in the glove (which by the way was BURNING HOT in the 100 degree weather)

We had a great weekend attending Tigers games and being with family!

Rich's Birthday

July 29 was Rich's 27th Birthday

I made Ribs, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and an oreo blizzard pie for supper

Macey welcomed her daddy home from work with a birthday wish

The blizzard pie that I made.

Rich and I went to Royal River Casino after we ate supper. He got to go into the Birthday Cash Box and he won $45. We played for about 5 hours and only lost $30. It was a great night.

Rich recieved many birthday cards, calls, facebook messages for his birthday. He got some money from family. Rich got a canvas print of Comerica park and the Tigers tickets to Saturday July 23rd game from me for a birthday present.

He wants to thank all for the birthday presents and wishes! He had a great birthday!

My flowers planted outside finally bloomed. I had to get a picture!!

Adventures in South Dakota

Believe it or not, we did have some time in South Dakota this July. We had some fun and did some work.

Rich using the new hose extender-kinda like a power washer--to wash our house.

Macey got a new swimming suit. She didnt like it much, but it was on sale, and super cute. Definitely worth the $3 for the 10 minutes she had it on! :) Got some good laughs and a few cute pictures!

We also spent some time in Brandon, SD doing some Dog sitting. Macey enjoyed being in a fenced in yard. She had so much fun exploring and not being on a leash. Makes me wish some days we had a fenced in yard just for her.

We spent a Saturday on Lake Madison doing some Tubing and boating with friends from our Life Group (Bible Study). It was a perfect day to be out on the lake; hot and sunny!! I think we all got a little sun (and by that I mean sunburnt :) ) and had a lot of fun!!

Here's Rich riding the tube by himself. Rich and I also rode together. Eric and Jillian also spent some time hopping back and forth to and from our tube :) I tubed with the girls as well. We all had a ton of fun.

Chicago in July

After we got back from Michigan, Rich dropped me off at my parents house, while he traveled back to South Dakota. I got to hop back in a car the next day and head to Chicago with my Mom, Sister, Andrea, Sister Alissa, and Soon to be Brother in Law Aric. Check out the pictures from our adventures in Chicago

We found a big Hershey's Kiss outside of the Hershey's Store while shopping on Michigan Avenue

I was a traitor and dressed in twins gear to head with my family to the Twins/White Sox Game.

Andrea, Me, Alissa, Mom in front of a fountain. This was near Millenium Park.

In the Hershey's Store Andrea and I found Awesome Kiss Hats

The girls by the water on Navy Pier.

Some beautiful pictures of the city from Navy Pier

An awesome boat sailing in by the pier.

We had an awesome time in Chicago. We also got to take in one of Andrea and Eric's softball games. The girls and I went to the Lakeshore Learning teacher store :), We did a lot of walking down Michigan Avenue and to the Parks, and we rode the train and the bus. What a great few days in Chicago.


During July Rich and I were extremely busy. July ended up being our traveling Month. Here is our first adventure to Michigan. We were able take in many things! See the pictures below.

We took a trip to Lake Michigan with Meredith, Justin, and their daughter Addyson. She was a little fish! She enjoyed the lake so much

We were able to be in Michigan for our newest nephew's baptism. Here is a picture of Easton in his baptism outfit that Grandma Jan made for him out of his Mom, Missy's wedding dress.

Rich and I had not gotten a picture of us with Grandpa and Grandma Jan since our wedding. We decided it was time for a new photo.

Rich and me after the baptism.

Caitalyn after the baptism in the new dress she got from Rich and me for her birthday!

Baptism at the Church

We shared in celebrating Caitalyn's birthday a little early this year. We were able to spend some time with her family, at their house celebrating her 2nd birthday! Here Caitalyn and Adrian are opening the present Rich and I brought her.

Mom, Dad, and Caitalyn by her birthday cake

Ready to blow the candles out

Our Family got to take in a Tigers game at Comerica Park.

We stopped by the Capitol in Lansing Michigan to see where Dad works, get a tour of the dome, and take a few pictures.

Rich and I at the Capitol

A glass tile of South Dakota. They have one for every state.

A picture out the window of the top of the dome.

We went to the top by the star part of the ceiling, then we got to go above the stars to the very top of the dome! Very cool!

Dad working in his office.

That wraps up our first trip of July. While we were in Michigan we also took some beautiful family photos. We had a great time visiting with Rich's side of the family, and visiting some friends!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I am slowly getting caught up on everything just in time for school to start again. We still have exactly a month left, yet there are school supplies for sale at the stores already....this is not good!
June also proved to be a very busy month for us. Take a look!!

I was able to take a trip to Chicago with my parents to celebrate my sister Andrea's Graduation from her Masters Program from the University of Phoenix.

I also got the opportunity to spend my Tuesdays and Thursdays in June with this little guy. I got to babysit for some friends twice a week! Gavin is such a happy little guy. It was so much fun to spend time with him. I was able to get to know him and his mom, Shannon a little better! :)

As always Macey has been a huge help in our basement project! Here you can see she is getting ready to help paint!

2 of our walls in our basement living room are now painted this blue/grey/silvery color! We absolutely love it!

A big thank you to Mom for doing the painting for us! WE COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU!

Our bathroom is now finished and completely usable! Woohoo! It doesnt get used much as we do not yet spend too much time down the basement, But it is ready to go.

The beginning of June brought a little bit of excitement and a whole lot of pain for Rich. He ended up having emergency wisdom tooth surgery. After about a week of pain and no longer being able to open his mouth enough to even stick his tounge out or a pinky finger in, he decided it was time to see a dentist. They took x-rays and refered him to an oral surgeon. Luckily, the next day we were able to get him into the oral surgeon and have this taken care of. He did really well through the surgery! It only took about 30 minutes. He recovered quickly with very little pain. (THANKFULLY) It took a few weeks for Rich to be able to fully open his mouth again, as he had a huge infection and an impacted wisdom tooth. The muscles tightened because of the infection and took a while to relax again. He is now completely healed and we are thanking God that it was taken care of so quickly and painlessly. We are so very thankful that the recovery was quick and everything is back to normal!

Rich also started a new job in June. After his wisdom teeth surgery, he started as the head groundskeeper for South Dakota Acheive here in Sioux Falls. It is a little change from what he has been doing Landscaping, but he is still able to be outside, taking care of lawn mowing, irrigation systems, and the landscape at 16 places around town. He was extremely excited to get this job offer as it is a year round position. Rich is getting to know everything and is starting to get it all under control! He had a lot of clean up and irrigation start ups to do at first! He is really enjoying this job!